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This campaign started on Feb 3, 2016 and closed on Mar 18, 2016 (1:00 am).

The small village of Baghanis is located only a few kilometers away from the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Despite the 1994 ceasefire, clashes at the border are recurring, and civilian populations are caught in the crossfire. Many of the families living in Baghanis don’t have an actual salary to live on. There is no industry in the region, and most of the arable lands surrounding the village are inaccessible because of landmines and the risk of sniper fire. The situation is precarious, but it is not hopeless. You can enable villagers in Baghanis to thrive on their own land, and create an income for themselves.

With your support, we will bring bees, beekeeping equipment and training to 18 families in Baghanis, giving them the opportunity to earn a stable income and sustain themselves through honey production.

Our implementing partner Sahman NGO is currently selecting the 18 families that will take part in the project. Each selected family will receive 4 beehives, as well as training on the latest beekeeping techniques. Beekeeping is neither time-consuming nor overly complicated, but it can be a lucrative trade. Each beehive can produce up to 25kg of honey per year, and in Armenia, each kilogram of honey can be sold for 7 dollars.

In impoverished border villages such as Baghanis, initiating a beekeeping project means nudging the whole village towards economic sustainability. Our implementing partner Sahman NGO has been working with similar villages in the Tavush region for the last four years. Their model has already proved efficient, with 30 greenhouses, and 112 beehives under their belt in the villages of Barekamavan, Berkaber, Chinari, Aygedzor and Nerqin Karmraghbyur.

For us at ONE Armenia, for Sahman NGO, and for the local community, it is crucial that the project’s impact goes beyond the 18 families provided with beehives. For that reason, the future beekeepers have already agreed that they would give back to their community by donating 1kg of honey per hive over 2 years. The donated honey will then be sold to help fund the local kindergarten.

Donate now and help a whole village on its way to economic sustainability.


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