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101% funded.
YOU made it happen, kenats!

ONEArmenia partnered with Semina Consulting to provide Southern Armenia’s grape-farming communities with the resources they need to enter a rapidly-growing Armenian wine industry. Your support is allowing Southern Armenia’s local communities to grow and develop the region they call home into a thriving wine country.


Semina Consulting will work closely with the farmers to grow quality grapes, knowledge that they can carry with them and pass on to future generations. From there, Semina will offer their winemaking facilities to turn the farmers’ grapes into quality wine for them to sell.


In addition, ONEArmenia partnered with DZ Studio, an architectural design studio based in Yerevan. They designed WineCube tasting rooms to offer tourists a modern and accessible way to drink local wine and enjoy an authentic experience in Southern Armenia. The project will bring tourism to the region, thus providing a source of income for its local communities.


Semina Consulting began working with the farmers in Southern Armenia during the 2017 grape harvest. The WineCubes will begin construction in the Spring of 2018, and tourists will be able to enjoy local wine shortly after they are completed!

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