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and Help Develop Local Economies

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This campaign started on Sep 29, 2015 and closed on Oct 29, 2015, (11:00 pm).

Thousands of hiking trails exist in Armenia today, but only a handful are easily accessible outside of professional spheres, and even fewer are marked. While we can’t mark every single trail in Armenia, we can bring them to your fingertips through an app and by doing so, connect the dots in Armenia’s economy outside Yerevan. The potential is here. Help us take ONE step forward to spreading the love all over Armenia.

ONEArmenia believes in investing in great ideas, so we are working with experts across multiple industries to create a platform that will form a bridge between travellers to the country and Armenia’s natural and cultural resources. We want to facilitate both locals’ and visitors’ abilities to engage with Armenia’s landscape and its people in a meaningful way. Our project will consist of several components, two of which will be funded by this crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Part of our budget will go towards marking five 10 to 11km hiking trails in Armenia. We are working side-by-side the local community of hiking experts here in Armenia to mark these trails according to international standards, so that these trails can be discovered and enjoyed by everyone.
  2. The largest portion of our budget will go towards funding the development of a mobile application that will incorporate the following features:
    • Interactive maps of key hikes throughout Armenia, featuring important background info, historical significance, and logistical info about the hike (altitude, length, difficulty)
    • 20 GPS marked trails from all over the country of low-medium-high difficulty, hand selected our in-house specialist
    • The ability for users to track and upload their own hikes + to leave feedback on hikes (pictorial as well as written)
    • Put travelers in touch with local hiking guides, cool and eco-friendly places to stay, villages to stop by, and community organizations doing awesome things in Armenia’s more remote regions
  3. Marketing of the platform to both Armenian and non-Armenian hiking and nature enthusiasts throughout our community and Europe.


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