Inside Yerevan

A guide to Armenia's capital, crowdsourced for authenticity + curated for quality

About the Project

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Inside Yerevan is our response to the serious lack of information available to people about all of the awesome places in Yerevan. Anyone can make a map and slap some hotels on it- we wanted to make something unique: a non-commercial, crowdsourced map of the city. What advice does everyone always give when looking for places to eat while travelling? Go where the locals are. We figured this applied to more than just restaurants, after all, who knows a city better than the people who live there?

So, we asked around and collected information about restaurants, bars, museums, shops and random spots in the city that you might not find out about unless you know someone on the inside. Then we put them all together on this beautiful map.

None of the establishments on here paid us to mention them, hence the non-commercial bit. We just chose the ones that people who live here love.

Besides places to visit, you will find tips on how to get around, the best stores for made-in-Armenia souvenir shopping and the Facebook pages you should follow to be sure you stay in the loop about what events are happening on any given day.

We will create a new edition of this map every year, and that means we need your feedback. We want to know about your experiences so that we can be sure the map is as effective as possible. You can contact us via email at or you can message us through our FacebookInstagramTwitter pages. Don't forget to use the hashtag #InsideYerevan!