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Building a Cafeteria and Toothbrushing Station in Aragatsavan watchthevideo
$25,480 of $26,000 funded 98%

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In spring 2014, Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) brought on 1A to crowdfund the construction of a cafeteria and toothbrushing station in the school building of Aragatsavan, a village located about an hour and a half outside Yerevan. There is currently no system-wide lunch program in Armenia’s schools. Students either go hungry, eat a small pastry or simply leave their campus to find food throughout the school day. In 2012, COAF did a survey of 800 schoolchildren in rural Armenia and found that 785 of them had signs of decay on their adult teeth. The cafeteria and toothbrushing station is a chance for 160 elementary students in Aragatsavan at healthy teeth and happy tummies Because the campaign was just a hair away from its funding goal, 1A decided to fill that gap with the remaining funds. As of September 2014, the project has been completed. The facilities are already in use, with the kids using ergonomic toothbrushes generously donated by the Toof-inger Company.