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About ONEonONE

Since the very beginning, ONEArmenia has always believed in the power of ONE voice and, over the years, we have come across hundreds from all over the world. It’s been a dream of ours since day one to broadcast all the wisdom we’ve come by, from all walks of life, with one thing in common: perspective. This perspective is wide-ranging, but there’s one thing we make sure to ask all our interviewees, whatever their relationship to the country, and that’s what are their reactions to Armenia’s contemporary narrative.

Thus emerged our latest project: ONEonONE, a video series we’ve created to try and curate this perspective. Every interview we have will be available in 3 languages (Armenian, Russian, and English), and ultimately, we hope to create a platform where we can build a more optimistic contemporary narrative for young people in Armenia, with stories they can believe in from people they can relate to. Yet the goal behind the series is not to simply have a conversation about Armenia today, but to have a conversation between people, hence the name ONE on ONE.

Our interviewees come from all walks of life and, as a result, so do the topics they touch on. Each interview offers something new to think about. What inspires them? What keeps them going? What words of wisdom do they have for younger generations? For our Armenian interviewees, what does being ‘Armenian’ mean to them? So, whether it’s viral skate filmmaker Brett Novak, whose recent trip to Armenia to film a skate video saw him reflect on what progress means for a country recovering from a Soviet narrative, or renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist Ruben Vardanyan, born and raised in Armenia who has invested millions to ensure the country develops in all the right ways, we have done our best to steward their wisdom and present it to you in a freshly distilled format.

Victor Boyajian coming soon

Patricia Field coming soon

Edele Hovnanian coming soon

Garo Armen coming soon

Adam Kablanian coming soon