If I have an idea, I don’t need to lean on anyone to make it happen, or to validate the idea. I just go do it.
Anything you wanna do with your life, find a way to do it. The opportunity might not be right in front of you, but that’s the whole thing is to create possibility.
Born and raised in Chicago, Brett Novak’s love of film started at a young age. Largely influenced by the time he spent in his youth filming his friends skateboarding, and skating himself, he completed a degree in film and immediately found work producing major music videos and learning the technical ropes behind visual effects. However, his beginnings with skateboarding never left him, and 2007 saw him leave his comfortable job in LA for the alternative, niche market of producing skateboard films. And good thing he did, because his films are visually stunning. Lending to his technical skills acquired from years of working visual effects with the top dogs in LA, his videos feature skateboarding in a genuinely new and riveting light. He is now only 27 years old and has already traveled to over 20 countries, showcasing the soul of the city and the skateboarder in each video. We came into contact with Brett after offering him the challenge of filming his next video in Armenia, to which he enthusiastically accepted. Through Brett’s perspective, we learned a lot about what skateboarding signifies in a society, and the kind of culture it promotes, as well as where Armenia’s skateboard scene stands.