I think that more and more women are recognizing that getting into the boy’s club is one thing, but that making sure that there’s a good, strong, vibrant girl’s club is really important too
The thing that can bring domestic violence down virtually to zero is putting the woman’s name on the title to the property. If the husband knows she’s a part owner of their house or farm, it changes that household dynamic.
Mary Ellen Iskenderian started her career in Wall Street before joining the International Finance Corporation, the private sector branch of the World Bank in 1989. Since 2006, Mary Ellen Iskenderian has been President and CEO of Women’s World Banking, a global nonprofit devoted to giving low-income women access to the financial tools they require to achieve security and prosperity. Successful and driven, Ms Iskenderian says her motivation comes from the fact that she’s not been taking steps in her career just for her own advancement, but to move women forward from all around the world. In many countries, women are denied the right to participate in economic advancement. Women’s World Banking is helping them fulfil their potential through providing financial services, from savings accounts to pension products and loans. For Mary Ellen Iskenderian, financial access is a powerful tool to empower poorer women across the world. Being self-sustainable allows women to regain control over their life and help their communities grow.