Anyone who is creative or thinking is always inspired by things around them and it could be absolutely anything.
Let’s show the file marks. Let’s show the fingerprints. Let’s show the hammers. Let’s show all the things that allow us to be who we are and what they can’t be.
Michael Aram is an award-winning metal-ware, home-ware and fine jewelry designer. Born to Armenian parents in Providence, Rhode Island, Aram says that in his family’s Armenian household, everything from cultural traditions to household items, has been critical in influencing his professional direction in the art world. After a life-changing trip to India in the eighties, where he began working with traditional artisanal techniques, Aram launched his first metalware collection in 1989. At that time, the novelty of his approach was so impactful that Aram recalls being featured in a Neiman Marcus catalogue within six months of production. Since then, he has firmly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the design industry, known for his ability to produce pieces that “bore the soulfulness of the maker,” bridging the gap between artist and artisan. In 2007, he launched a self-named boutique in Manhattan and in 2014, he launched his first fine jewelry collection. He also owns an Export Company, operating out of Delhi, India, which employs over 200 artisans in its workshop.