I think it’s very critical that we become more risk-taking, open-minded, and believe in our bright future.
You can change your life, you can change the lives around you and nothing can stop you if you believe you have the right idea and the right vision.

Born in Yerevan in the late sixties, Ruben Vardanyan has worked his way up the corporate ladder, and now his list of life achievements is most likely longer than your grocery list. Globally, he is best known as CEO and controlling shareholder of Troika Dialog, one of the leading investment banks in the CIS (merged with Sberbank in 2012), but his extra-curricular activities include investments in many philanthropic projects focused on developing social change, many of which have taken place in Armenia. One of those activities is related to education, and in the last several years he has supported the construction of several educational facilities in Armenia, the most noteworthy being the international UWC Dilijan College. Ruben Vardanyan also co-founded IDeA Foundation, the organization behind "Wings of Tatev", the reversible cableway leading to Tatev Monastery. Over 5 years, the cableway has increased tourism in the region from 9,000 to 430,000 visitors, resulting in job creation and increased standards of living for the local communities.