We’ve developed a process for ensuring transparency and creating real impact in Armenia.

Step 1: Verification of Budget

We vet local organizations to ensure financial transparency and operational efficiency. We rank organizations based on various criteria including transparency, impact and sustainability, and build project budget sheets. We require a maximum of 10% operational overhead and receipts for all expenditures from organizations we collaborate with. We keep zero admin fees from projects.

Step 2: Disbursement of Funds

After our community raises funds for projects, we disperse 1/3 of funds, document how the money is used and share on social media. After reviewing expenditures, we continue this process, dispersing 2/3 of funds, then 3/3 of funds.

Step 3: Follow Up Content and Donor Verification

After project completion, our team follows up weeks, months, and years later to report back to our community and understand where support is most needed next. We post all stages of project implementation on our website and social media pages, developing content that is informative and verifies use of donations.