Remove Landmines from Artsakh

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The landmines laid during the Nagorno Karabakh War have plagued the residents of Artsakh, and especially those living in the Lachin corridor, for decades. The physical safety and economic stability of people living in and around minefields are constantly at risk. Due to the territory’s disputed status, there is little to no governmental funding for the clearance of landmines.

ONEArmenia partnered with The HALO Trust to raise funding for the clearance of one minefield covering 31,839m² of land located 2.5 kilometers from Meghvadzor village.

With the help of an anonymous matching donor and the support of ONEArmenia’s global community, Remove Landmines from Artsakh will clear the minefield and allow the people of Meghvadzor to live in safety and develop their community.

The HALO Trust employs members of the local population and trains them to work as deminers where they can make an average salary of $600 a month and play an active role in ensuring the safety of the region.

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