CBD Tea With A Social Mission

Responsibly sourced from rural Armenia

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When times get tough, it’s important to conjure the ancient art of chilling. One way we Armenians like to chill is through herbal tea. Wild herbs have been a part of life in the Armenian Highland for millennia. But never have they been combined with relaxing, full-spectrum CBD.

Say hello to the No 36° Blend, CBD-Infused Organic Armenian White Mint Tea, created in collaboration with Good Company Tea. The first Armenian tea to be infused with premium CBD, this aromatic blend of organic white mint, yarrow flower and Damascan rose is non-psychoactive, caffeine free and ideal for any time of day.

Responsibly sourced from villages hardest hit by Armenia’s economic struggle post-independence, 30% of sales of the No 36° Blend will support our efforts to promote fair trade employment in Armenia.* Work is scarce in these communities. Men and young people often leave their homes in search of employment opportunities elsewhere, leaving behind women, usually older in age. These women are the primary recipients of fair trade jobs from our local partner. Picking and propagating the white mint on their lands, they add nothing but sunlight to achieve a brilliant herbal tea.

Named after the thirty-six letters in the original Armenian alphabet, the No 36° Blend celebrates Armenia’s ancient tea traditions with a mix ofindigenous ingredients. What does it taste like? How does it make you feel? It’s crisp, botanical and refreshing. It’s clarifying and calming. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that’s derived from hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant, and has no mind-altering effects. It will not produce a “high” or make you feel “stoned.” It will instead produce an overall sense of well-being. Pre-order now and enjoy this delight from the Highland, knowing that you’re supporting fair trade employment in Armenia’s villages. For more information on CBD tea, visit Good Company Tea

*US shipping only. Sales of hemp-derived CBD products are legal across the majority of US states, as a result of The Agricultural Act of 2018.