ONEArmenia is a global community of changemakers aiming to raise the standard of living in Armenia. We collaborate with grassroots organizations to implement innovative projects that accelerate job creation in agriculture, tech, tourism, and made in Armenia products.

$ raised through contributions from countries worldwide

Romania $50
Ukraine $50
Armenia $39,481
United Arab Emirates $2,691
Argentina $617
Austria $105
Australia $6,328
Belarus $2
Belgium $475
Brazil $4,981
Bulgaria $492
Canada $14,140
China $157
Cyprus $230
Czechia $156
Denmark $332
Estonia $26
Finland $88
France $9,068
Georgia $252
Germany $5,228
Hong Kong $41
Hungary $50
Ireland $731
Italy $2,449
Japan $175
Jordan $50
Kuwait $306
Lebanon $3,135
Mexico $127
Netherlands $858
Norway $350
Russia $6,632
Saudi Arabia $309
Singapore $340
Spain $549
Switzerland $2,278
Sweden $1,633
Turkey $2,671
United Kingdom $7,068
Uruguay $318
US $395,596

our team

Acacia Polatian Farm to Bottle CEO

Ani Sarkissian Executive Director

Kyle Khandikian Content Manager

Charlotte Poulain Operations Director

Patrick Sarkissian Founder

Nareh Balian Graphic Designer

Astghik Sayadyan Creative Producer

our board


While our team is based in Armenia and in the US, our ambassadors act as local representatives for ONEArmenia all around the world. They are key players who connect the dots between us and our global community. They are creative, dynamic, and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about volunteering their time, efforts, and ingenuity to foster sustainable and positive change in Armenia.