WineCubes of Armenia

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Armenian wine is booming—Forbes Magazine says that it has a “brilliant future.” But the reality is that while the industry is seeing explosive growth, small-scale grape growers are being left behind. That’s why in 2017, we set out to help them become active players in the industry through our Farm-To-Bottle campaign

We partnered with WineWorks to give grape growing families viticulture trainings, access to a modern winemaking facility, marketing and branding coaching, and a WineCube—an elegant tasting room built directly in their vineyards. The result: Momik Wines, the newest wine brand to hit the scene, that’s also offering an immersive tasting experience in Areni village. Thanks to Farm-To-Bottle, Nver and Narine Ghazaryan, the husband-wife duo behind Momik Wines, have increased their annual income by over 160%, selling all their 2017 vintage bottles, and hosting over 500 tourists at their WineCube since its opening last year.  

With the international spotlight on Armenia, the time to support local winemakers like Nver and Narine is now! Through WineCubes of Armenia, we will launch a second line of wine with a new entrepreneurial family, build an accompanying WineCube in the village of Aghdzk, produce 7,800 bottles of fine wine from the 2019 harvest for Momik and this new wine brand, and drive tourists to both WineCubes to support sustainable tourism and rural development. Join us in empowering Armenia’s grape farmers!