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Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund (AWHF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving, supporting and empowering Armenia’s wounded soldiers. Their past programs include funding combat casualty care capabilities through advanced first-aid kits and training, upgrading front-line infrastructure, and physical and mental rehab for wounded soldiers. 

In 2020, the organization raised nearly $7 million from supporters around the world, including $385,055 raised by the 1A community. Ani Goulayan (@vanitymakeup) raised $172,340, Rob Sargsyan (@facesbyrob) raised $160,000, and Deanna Paley (@deelishdeanna) raised $30,715 through Instagram Live fundraisers for our organization. Another $22,000 was raised by the 1A community for AWHF through direct appeals. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the funds raised by 1A are being doubled to $770,110.

Following the end of the war, AWHF’s priorities are rehabilitation and reintegration of wounded soldiers, while also rebuilding key capabilities of Armenia’s defense forces. AWHF is currently providing financial support to soldiers severely wounded during the war, as well as breaking ground on a new rehabilitation and training center in Yerevan for outpatient care, prosthetics production and physical training for wounded and disabled soldiers. AWHF is also developing a scholarship and vocational training program for soldiers to continue their education and find work so that they can reintegrate into society. 

As these and other projects come to fruition in 2021, we will report back on how the $385,055 raised by the 1A community is being used by AWHF.